Why Art is Important?

Why art is important? Today in the social media era people are digesting images and video faster and in larger amounts than ever before in our history. With streaming technology people are listening to more music and video than ever before.

All this is very interesting and feels like the “future” to me, as a kid I always dreamed about the time where video games would look like reality and how cool would it be to have the whole Metallica discography at my reach with just pressing a button.

So where are I’m trying to go with this? the main point is that we have all this entertainment available for us and we take it for granted. All the images that you see on Facebook and Instagram from different artist and photographers where made with care and love for the craft, a piece to be appreciated and take the time to observe and digest. To have it on your wall for years and if you take the time and stop to look at it you would find something new, different and even inspiring. 

No matter what media it is if you take the time to look at it (or listen to it) for more than 5 seconds you will be able to connect with the real intention of the artist. All this rambling takes me to the main point of this post. Why art is important?

Art by itself is meaningless, we as conscious beings add value to the piece by connecting to it with our heart, mind and soul. Art can be inspiring, beautiful, meditative, shocking, can heal you, is emotional and has the ability to give you all this and more overtime. That’s why wealthy people collect fine art, because they can have anything they want, but they are able to see the value of things developing overtime, not just monetary value, but also “soul value”.

So if you find art that inspires you, collect it, talk about it, put it on your wall or your speakers and let it take beyond where you thought was not posible to be by just admiring an object created with care and intention.

Carlos “Hakuin” Ocando

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