Carlos Ocando <— who’s this guy?

Carlos Ocando <— who’s this guy?

Inspired by Nature

I’m a Venezuelan photographer living in Houston exploring my inner world one photo at a time.

I’m very passionate about photography, I love nature and it’s different facets. I feel magnetized toward light, shadow, patterns and texture.

Sometimes I like to blend elements of nature with man created structures and people, creating a surreal window into my mind. I also like to play with color or merge together two or more images to create surreal landscapes that remind me of my imagined adventures as a kid.

I love to go out and explore with my camera and my wife and our dog Brandy.

I’m a printer and love to print too, all my images are printed by me on the best papers I can put my hands on.

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Serrano Gallery
2000 Edwards St
Silver Street Studios #317
Houston, TX. 77007

June Bateman Fineart
35 Hudson Street #5A
Yonkers, NY 10701