Finding your Voice


Hey guys, i'm sorry for being absent for a few months, life has an interesting way of keeping you distracted if you don't take the time to focus and work on what's you beleive is important.

For the last few months I've been experimenting with different techniques and got interested in playing with color again. Going from extremes to subdued colors and from hight contrast to almost gray scenes.


My passion never stops and I've realized that the way never ends, and that is all about enjoying the way and not the end result. End results are cool but what defines you is the way of achieving this results. 

A matter that was always a concern to me was to develop a "style", to have my own voice as an artist. I feel that I've found my voice by not trying to find it!. Just enjoying the moment and letting the world to inspire me. Feeling inspired beyond myself and just becoming one with the subject.

Remembering what it felt to be a kid and play with colors, form and textures. This new body of work that's growing from this process is a consequence of this "child play". Recreating how I felt looking through 3D Red-Blue glasses. Looking at the world by placing a red transparent marble close to my eye and look at the sky with that magnificent red color.

Here I show the first two images that I think works best with this new body of work, as time passes I'll start showing more samples of this fun experiment.

You don't need to reach a plateau to become an artist, you become an artist the day you decide you are one and start enjoying the ride.