inspired by nature…

I’m a Venezuelan photographer living in Houston exploring the world one photo at a time.

I’m very passionate about photography and love to explore nature and it’s different facets. One of my favorite subjects are trees (Mi Familia!) peaceful silence expressed through my photographs (whatever that means…) and to have fun while I do it (of course!).

Must of the time I shoot with my wife and our dog Brandy, normally we don’t venture too far away from the city, must of the photos you will see here where taken in the city of Houston and it’s surroundings.

I’m a printer and love to print too, so all my images are printed by me on the best papers I can put my hands on.

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June Bateman Fineart
35 Hudson Street #5A
Yonkers, NY 10701

Serrano Gallery
2000 Edwards St
Silver Street Studios #317
Houston, TX. 77007